Facts: The Most Recent 20

1. “The man can flat out hit.” – Larry Andersen

2. Roy Halladay gives up that first run to give opponents a sense of false hope, then he proceeds to crush them and their spirit.

3. The famous ninjas learned to throw shuriken from Roy Halladay.

4. Roy Halladay is now sponsored by John Deere tractors: “Mowing them down with ease.”- from Official Review.

5. If Roy Halladay was allowed to fix the United States economy, he could reduce the national debt to the size and amount of his pitch count that day (not in billions or millions, but the exact number of pitches he threw).

6. True fact about Roy Halladay: he loves run support.

7. True fact about Roy Halladay: he actually won his first game as a Phillie.

8. Cliff Lee who?

9. I know what I am, Roy Halladay knows who Roy Halladay is, they know who they are, so let us be.

10. Former Phillies reliever Chan Ho Park signed with the New York Yankees because he knew his starting ability and relieving ability would of outshined by Roy Halladay’s clone, Kyle Kendrick.

11. Who says you need to suffer med school to be a Doc?

12. Just to be clear, this Doc will not be making house calls.

13. Roy Halladay had “run support” up in Toronto, but it was kinda like Canadian money. With the exchange rate it was just never quite as much.

14. When not pitching, Roy Halladay just controls other pitchers with the Wii controller from the dug out.

15. Roy Halladay makes Chuck Norris look like Chuck Knoblauch.

15. Roy pays a nickel for his Dollar Dog…

16. …and pays a penny for his Dollar Pretzel at Philadelphia Flyers games.

17. Roy Halladay will carry Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware’s 39 electoral votes in 2012 as a write-in candidate, making them red-pinstriped states.

18. Roy Halladay was originally cast to play Bullseye in the movie Daredevil. The producer was forced to replace Halladay with Colin Farrell because the story called for Bullseye to aim for and miss a throw at Ben Affleck, and everybody knows Roy Halladay never misses.

19. Sorry, Roy Halladay is not Jesus Christ either.

20. When Roy throws his curve ball, the batter’s knees don’t buckle, but they are crushed from the immense pressure of the 15 inch drop.


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