Mark the History books! That on this day May 29th 2010, Phillies ace Roy Halladay threw his first Perfect Game.

Here are some facts that I have been collecting from you, the readers.

646. The late Curt Henning lost the title of “Mr. Perfect” to Doc Halladay on 5/29/10

647. Roy Halladay was the one who taught Michael Leighton about complete game shutouts.

648. Bah, offense! Who needs it when you have Roy Halladay?

649. In the Nats clubhouse, Miguel Batista watched clips of Roy Halladay’s presser and turned to 2 reporters. “You can’t fake awesome,” he said.

650. Roy Halladay is proof that he is living history.

651. Who says diamonds are the only perfect things in the world?

652. Roy Halladay’s perfection makes the world take notice.

653. True Fact: Roy Halladay threw the 20th Perfect Game in MLB history.

654. True Fact: Roy Halladay in throwing the 20th Perfect Game in MLB history, also threw the 2nd Perfect Game in Philadelphia Phillies franchise history.


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