Roy Halladay Facts: More Daily K’s

635. Roy thought “New” Scrubs on ABC was very funny.

636. Lou Gehrig lied – he wasn’t the luckiest man on the face of the earth. He never got to see Roy pitch

637. If Roy Halladay was the main character in “24” and not Jack Bauer, Roy Halladay could… drop off his kids at school, eat breakfast, drink his morning cup of coffee, do the crossword, work out, save the country from nuclear or chemical annihilation, save the president from assassination AND foil every terrorist plot to destroy the country and pick up his kids from school. All while pitching  a complete game shutout against the Mets.

638. Infinity Ward (the creators of Call of Duty), were toying with the idea of adding an new “prototype” weapon. This “prototype” weapon codenamed, “Roy Halladay” was going to be the ultimate weapon, basing the design of the weapon exactly of the specifications of the real Roy Halladay. This included the powerful fastball, cutter, sinker, curve and change as well as his overall intimidating appearance. The problem was, as the programmers were starting to program Roy into the game, their computers would always crash, do to the awesome amounts of power it could to create such a weapon. So Infinity Ward scraped the “Halladay” project and went with the lesser “Cole Hamels” and the even lesser, “Kyle Kendrick” projects.

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