Roy Halladay Facts: Strikeouts 623-630

623. When Roy Halladay has two strikes on a batter, don’t you just want to yell “FINISH HIM!”

624. The ladies say if Roy Halladay was a drink, he’d definitely be a smoothie.

625. It’s not called “Plausible Deniability”, it’s “Plausible Halladaybility”. Look if Roy doesn’t know about it… it’s okay.

626. Roy Halladay always tips his hat to Robin Roberts.

627. God, Ed Hochuli, Chuck Norris and the Boogeyman all check inside their closets and under their beds to see if Roy Halladay is not there.

628. Roy was disguised as ancient pitching wonder Jamie Moyer last night.

629. Albert who?

630. Roy Halladay would of caught that kid who jumped onto the field during Cole Hamels’ last start without using a taser. But Roy didn’t want to face possible murder charges, because we all know… a Roy Halladay fastball has only one setting: “K-ill”

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