Roy Halladay Facts: Strikeouts 607-615

607. Contrary to popular belief, there is enough of Roy Halladay to go around

608. Roy Halladay went “middle in” on Wheels

609. Roy Halladay bought Sarge his Cadillac

610. Roy Halladay can do a 1800 on a skateboard. How? He does the first 360 degrees then throws a changeup in which the batter whiffs so badly that the wind from the swing propels Roy the remaining 1440 degrees.

611. Roy once struck out 2 batters on one pitch.

612. Roy Halladay was removed from “Street Fighter II”, but Beta Testers removed him because every button caused him to throw a strikeout at opponents. When asked about this “glitch”, Roy replied “That’s no glitch”

613. Roy Halladay does not sleep. He K’s people then waits.

614. When a reporter from Queens asked him before the game about his 5+ ERA against the Mets, he replied “So? Big freaking deal.” Roy then proceeded to strikeout the reporter and complete game shutout the Mets. 5+ ERA against the Mets, huh?

615. Roy Halladay has only two speeds: CUTTERED and SOCUTTERED

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