Roy Halladay Facts: Strikeouts 593-500

593. Chad Durbin has this to say whenever Roy pitches: “We put the phone on voicemail.”

594. Even Braves Manager Bobby Cox and Third Baseman Chipper “Larry” Jones are awestruck by Roy.

595. Chipper Jones compares Roy Halladay to Roger Clemens. But Roy doesn’t need steroids to improve himself. That’s what his cutter is for.

596. Roy Halladay wouldn’t have blew the save in Kyle Kendrick’s 8 inning shutout performance Tuesday night.

597. Roy told J-Roll to give up his DJ’ing rights due to his lack of Daft Punk in the set/playlist.

598. Roy Halladay’s cutter carves bats up like a Thanksgiving turkey.

599. Roy told Ben Roethlisberger it was a bad idea to invite those college girls.

600. Why doesn’t any other athlete (other than Kyle Kendrick) listen to Roy’s advice about bad PR and reputation situations? (And no Managers and Coaches don’t count)

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