Roy Halladay Facts: Strikeouts 521-550

521. Roy Halladay once hit a batter and the umpire called it a strike just because he new if he gave the batter the base Roy would strike his ass out

522. Roy Halladay’s sinker sinks more than the sinkhole in my backyard.

523. Roy Halladay’s curveball sweeps more than most housewives do.

524. Roy Halladay’s cutter cuts more than most butter knives.

525. Roy Halladay’s fastball won the Daytona 500.

526. Roy Halladay sees through your smile and then strikes you out.

527. Roy Halladay is the only person in the world with the chromosomes X, Y, and K. Strikeouts are literally in his DNA.

528. On 6-6-06 the Devil fears Roy Halladay.

529. Roy is more psychic than Sylvia Browne.

530. What ever happened to the 80’s? Roy Halladay knows.

531. You can “go on and take the money and run” as Steve Miller sings about, but… Roy Halladay will catch up to you and when he does, he will strike you out.

532. I won the World Series in MLB10: The Show using the Phillies. Roy Halladay won each game with a Complete Game Shutout.

533. Roy’s smile can cure cancer.

534. Roy Halladay at 90% is like everyone else at 190%.

535. Roy Halladay’s tears could heal cancer patients… could… if they existed.

536. Roy Halladay can cure cancer. He throws a 1000 mph fast ball and the person, missing them by a quarter of an inch, the cancer then accordingly jumps out from fear. But the pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know that. He’ll do it when the time is right.

537. On days that Roy pitches, the sun will rise in the west, as to no disturb Roy and give him some extra hour(s) of sleep.

538. Chuck Norris once played 18 holes of golf and shot a 17. He lost to Roy Halladay to shot a -6.

539. Roy Halladay was handily winning the Masters this year, up until the USGA deemed “Louisville Sluggers” as non-conforming equipment.

540. Most thought Nostradamus was talking of the destruction of civilization but he really was talking about Roy Halladay’s destructions of all bats.

541. Roy Halladay struck out ALS, Cancer, and AIDS to retire the side.

542. If Roy Halladay was Jack Bauer the show would be called “3” instead of “24”.

543. Roy Halladay actually made up all of the Roy Halladay Facts- each one commemorating another Roy Halladay K.

544. Roy doesn’t strike 27 batters out. He strikes out one and the rest faint.

545. The Phillies do not use a pitch count with Roy Halladay… they use a death toll.

546. Roy Halladay can catch the Roadrunner with out Acme’s help.

547. Roy an recite the dictionary forwards and backwards while striking out Jeter then pegging A-Rod in the head, all on one foot.

548. Interleague play was created because National League hitters complained it was unfair that the American League batters didn’t have to face Roy Halladay.

549. Roy Halladay doesn’t need to bluff because others are intimidated to go heads up with him.

550. – The number of wins he plans on having in Phillies pinstripes.

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