Roy Halladay Facts: Strikeouts 481-500

481. “Bullpen” what is that? What kind of sacrilege you spouting at Roy Halladay?

482. Roy Halladay doesn’t need a bullpen. He is the starter, middle relief, set-up man, and closer.

483. Roy once struck out 34… in a slow pitch softball game.

484. Roy Halladay is the nation’s 2nd leading Toothpick manufacturer.

485. one Roy Halladay+ one baseball= 20 wins.

486. Roy Halladay is a “Jack of all Trades”. -Nick Campellone

487. Roy Halladay is like Chuck Norris, except Roy’s fastball has better KICK than a roundhouse kick from Norris.

488. A picture is worth a thousand words, a picture of Roy Halladay striking you out? Worth approximately $400 USD.

489. Ticket to the Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park: $28; Hot Dog, Bottle of Beer, and a bag of Peanuts: $11.75; 1 Roy Halladay Jersey from the Majestic Clubhouse Stadium Store: $150. Being witness to Roy Halladay’s awesome and awe-inspiring presence on the mound: priceless.

490. There maybe be Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. But for everything else, there’s Roy Halladay.

491. An at-bat against Roy Halladay is this: “Hello, What’s up?, Good-bye”

492. Roy Halladay bats 7th.

493. Those are fireworks you see ever 4th of July. They are mini-explosions from Roy Halladay’s fastball.

494. Roy Halladay’s cutter has the strength and stealth of an F/A-22 Raptor.

495. The real reason why Obama canceled the F/A-22’s: why do we need them, when we have Roy Halladay?

496. Roy was the REAL slayer of Goliath. Slayed him with his sinker and ran when Goliath fell. David just happened to be around.

497. Allergies are allergic to Roy Halladay.

498. Roy Halladay will win the National League Rookie of the Year in 2010, ever though he is a 13 year veteran. It is his FIRST YEAR in the NL.

499. Roy doesn’t lift weights like most people; thats because he can’t. They just don’t make weight heavy enough to contain Roy Halladay’s guns. That’s why Roy lifts 20-ton tanks.

500. Australian Hard Rock band Airbourne are right in their song, “No Way But There Hard Way”. After striking out against Roy Halladay, you can’t drink enough whiskey to make it alright.


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