Roy Halladay Facts: Strikeouts 461-480

461. CCR’s “I Put A Spell On You” is roughly based on Roy Halladay and how his pitches put a spell on opposing hitters.

462. Roy Halladay is a wizard. His sinker-curveball is magical.

463. Roy Halladay’s fastball is even more deadlier than Chuck Norris’ fists. Combined.

464. Roy Halladay is my hero!

465. The reason why no one cared that David Beckham was in the United States? Roy Halladay was pitching that day.

466. ESPN is stopping all of it’s Brett Farve, Donovan McNabb trade talks, and Tiger Woods coverage out of the way early today. At 1:05 PM today, all anyone will be able to think about is Roy Halladay.

467. On the nights/days that Roy Halladay pitching, ESPN has difficulties getting clips of all the night’s games included in “Baseball Tonight.” As a consequence, Phillies highlights will be removed, and the program will be followed up with a half-hour, commercial free program titled, “Roy Halladay Tonight”.

468. If Roy played left field  he could make a running catch towards the wall, high-five a fan, eat his hot dog, drink his beer, and STILL make the throw to home for the out. Take that Manny Ramirez!

469. 50 GB of data can fit on a HD DVD and a Blu-ray Disc. Roy Halladay can fit 350 GB of data on a cassette tape.

470. Roy will be the Commissioner of Baseball one day and reinstate Pete Rose, just to strike him out.

471. Roy got 34 first place votes in the preseason USA Today NCAA football poll.

472. Top NASA and government scientists are studying Roy Halladay’s coolness under pressure as a attempt to combat global warming.

473. On his off days, Roy Halladay saves kittens trapped in trees, helps old ladies cross the street, helps his children with their homework and STILL manages to record the save that night (or day).

474. Legend has it that Roy Halladay’s face launched a hundred thousand wins… his cutter launched no strikeouts.

475. Michael Barrett would not have even ATTEMPTED to pull that stunt he did with Carlos Zambrano on Roy Halladay, for fear his life might end.

476. Roy Halladay has already made his big screen debut. Remember that thing attacking New York City in Cloverfield? That was actually Roy Halladay. He is the thing attacking New York City in the 1-18-08 movie trailer. Major League Umpires who saw the trailer said that he threw the head of the Statue of Liberty for a perfect strike.

478. Only Roy knows the true potential of Kyle Kendrick.

479. Roy Halladay’s name and signature is on both the Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution.

480. The reason why the Articles of Confederation were a failure of American Government legislation, is because Roy Halladay never signed it, otherwise it would of been a roaring success.

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