Roy Halladay Facts: Strikeouts 441-460

441. Roy Halladay’s new nickname is Gepetto. The dude pulls strings on his pitches. (From Phillies Nation)

442. Metallica’s song, Master of Puppets is loosely about Roy Halladay and his ability.

443. Roy Halladay… master puller.

444. Roy picked himself first in every fantasy sport, followed by Kyle Kendrick with his second round pick and still would win each one of his leagues by 50.

445. MC Hammer was right. You can’t touch a Roy Halladay fastball.

446. Roy Halladay correctly predicted Duke to win it all in his bracket. How did you fare?

447. Every fifth day in Philadelphia is a Halladay.

448. Roy allowed Dubee to take him out after 7 strong innings in his first start in Phillies pinstripes. But he said it with a caveat: “Don’t make this a habit!”

449. Roy has solved pi, but is too modest to share the information with anyone else.

450. It has been said that this is Roy Halladay’s world, and we’re all just living in it. But the fact is that we are all merely figments of Roy Halladay’s imagination.

451. Answering ROY HALLADAY on every SAT questions guarantees you a score of 2200.

452. BEING Roy Halladay will guarantee you a 20000.

453. I am not 1/50th the man Roy Halladay is…

454. And neither are you.  Or you.  Or you.  You – you might be 1/9th the man Roy Halladay is…

455. But anyone who imagines they are his equal is dreaming.

456. Whenever Roy Halladay smiles, you know it was either a good day or it’s going to be a good day.

457. Roy Halladay doesn’t walk batters. He spares them.

458. Roy Halladay’s curve ball is only visible to the pure of heart.

459. It’s true. Only those chosen by Roy Halladay himself can even see it.

460. Roy Halladay trumps Cliff Lee any day.

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