Roy Halladay Facts: Strikeouts 421-440

421. In an attempt to better myself as a pitcher, I watched and imitated Roy Halladay’s windup. It lowered my ERA by 5 full points, raised my K total, and increased both innings pitched and complete games. I’ll call it the “Roy Halladay pitching training program”

422. Roy Halladay once struck someone out on a 0-0 fastball. How you may ask? The batter imagined in his head, two unhittable fastballs barreling down on him: One on the outside corner and another on the inside corner. The batter swung and missed at the 0-0 offering and the ump rung him up.

423. Roy Halladay knows what the best way to take our minds off the smell of burning flesh is: not it’s not tonight’s karaoke contest, but a curveball.

424. Roy Halladay’s curveball and cutter act like Oust and Febreeze. One cuts down on oder, the other sweeps it out the door.

425. They tried to market Roy’s curveball as a Swiffer, because it is so good at sweeping things.

426. A little Roy Halladay goes along way.

427. Roy Halladay may have throw three balls. He doesn’t worry about it. Why? Because he has two more.

428. Right the wrong, don’t play along, cause Roy Halladay is just for me!

429. Roy is proof you don’t need a Ph.D, MD, or Ed.D to be called a Doctor!

430. Roy Halladay’s cutter has it’s own brand of toothpicks.

431. Whatever happened to the ’80’s? Roy Halladay knows, and he’s not telling!

432. Roy puts his pants on 2 legs at a time.

433. Roy has already won 1 Cy Young… he will win 13 Roy Halladays

434. On it’s way to the plate Roy Halladay’s breaking ball actually stops in mid-air, says, “Ya’ Momma” to the batter, and then breaks.

435. When Smokey the Bear said “Only you can prevent forest fires,” he was speaking only to Roy Halladay.

436. The alphabet looked like this before Roy Halladay: ABCDEFGHIJLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ.

437. Roy Halladay will make “miles per hour” obsolete in judging the speed of a pitch.

438. Roy Halladay confiscated all of your phone records and didn’t even have to ask.

439. Roy Halladay doesn’t play poker anymore because every time he does, he gets dealt a Royal Flush.

440. When Roy throws a fastball to the east, the recoil slows down the rotation of the earth. He corrects this by throwing his changeup.

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