The Original Roy Halladay Facts website.

There may be imitators, but this is the original Roy Halladay Facts webpage. Nothing else comes close. So try to imitate this site. All facts are copyright 2010 RHF works production.

An explanation I think is in order as to what each title means. Outside of these posts, these posts are more for non-facts only because this where I explain business matters. So to begin, it starts off with “Roy Halladay Facts: Strikeouts”. That is so every who reads this knows that it is an official fact. Then comes the fact number series, usually in a grouping of 20 to 40. Sometimes more sometimes less.

Why use a “Strikeout”? A strikeout represents a stat for a pitcher. Each time he strikes some one out he gets a strikeout. So… each “fact” is one individual “strikeout”. Right now we have over 350 of them and counting.

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