Roy Halladay Facts: Strikeouts 401-420

401. Roy Halladay knows that Richie’s is the best place to eat down on Temple University’s main campus.

402. At malls and shopping centers all across the world, people wait in line for iPads.  The lines would go much quicker if not for the incredible number of people assuming that they were waiting to meet Roy Halladay.

403. Roy Halladay’s fastball has more clout than Steve Jobs and Apple.

404. Roy Halladay strikes out as many hitters as the Washington Nationals walk.

405. Whenever Roy orders from Domino’s, no matter how long he waits it’s always free.

406. The Three Wisemen were looking for Roy Halladay.

407. Every time Roy throws a strike, a kitten is born.

408. When Roy Halladay pitches, the U.S. Military has to turn off all their radar, so that the speeds registered on his fastball would not make them cry in inadmissible sadness that they were not able to contain his remarkable speeds. They could not even contain his changeup. But that is not to be ashamed of.

409. Roy throws so hard the by the time the batter swings he’s already winding up for the next pitch.

410. Roy is so calm under pressure when he sees A-Rod in his mind, he strikes him out on three pitches.

411. All home runs records reached prior to April 5, 2010 will be known as ‘Pre-Halladay Era” and will be marked with an asterisk.

412. There is no theory of evolution: just a list of animals that never got to see Roy pitch.

413. Roy Halladay K’d Roy Hobbs looking five times… on 15 pitches.

414. Roy Halladay told Jayson Werth to shave his beard.

415. The only time people can hit a pitch by Roy Halladay are when they are swinging at the pitch that came before it.

416. Captain Jack Sparrow wasn’t really looking for the dead man’s chest; he was looking for the secret to Roy Halladay’s cutter.

417. Roy Halladay knows the secret to Coca-Cola, knows who killed Tupac, Biggie, and JFK. He just thinks it’s funny for everyone else to figure it out.

418. Roy is proof of evolution… God himself couldn’t create something so perfect.

419. Someone said that Cole Hamels is “Darth Vader in spikes”, they obviously never saw Roy Halladay pitch before!

420. Roy Halladay has no idea what “bases loaded” means.

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