Roy Halladay Facts: Strikeouts 331-360

331. You know the speed of Light? Roy Halladay knows the speed of dark.

332. Roy Halladay lets other teams score because he’s a good person.

333. Michael Phelps is really Roy Halladay in disguise…

334. And Lebron? Yup that’s Roy too. He’s that good.

335. Roy Halladay got a speeding ticket while throwing batting practice.

336. Roy Halladay can prove how the JFK “Single-Bullet Theory” is actually true.

337. Superman can leap tall buildings in a single bound. So what? Roy Halladay can turn those same tall buildings into rubble with his bare hards.

338. Someone once asked Roy if he was faster than a speeding bullet…he responded “only if I slow down”.

339. Roy Halladay can catch his own fastball for strike three.

340. Roy plays long toss with a Sherman tank.

341. Roy can’t throw a frozen rope because there is far too much heat on his ball.

342. Roy plays hacky sack with a bean bag chair…. filled with metal

343. Roy Halladay knows that Red Pinstripes are in fact cooler.

344. Roy Halladay does need hands to do push-ups… or pull-ups.

345. Roy Halladay is so good, that even if they pull him in the 7th, they will put him back in to close it in the 9th.

346. When Roy does division… there are no remainders.

347. Roy Halladay is in fact the United States’s anti-missile defense system. He only has to a change-up and the missile is shot down.

348. Roy doesn’t throw his curve ball very often because of the high risk of tsunamis across the globe.

349. If Roy Halladay was the Philadelphia Eagles GM he would of been able to re-sign Brian Dawkins.

350. Brian Dawkins learned to hit from Roy Halladay.

351. Roy Halladay could handle the truth and smell what the Rock was cooking. Simultaneously.

352. Roy Halladay ses our planet as a warm up… He actually plays universal baseball in space with upper level beings and uses our solar system as his home field. Anything past Pluto is a home run. The sun is home plate and Jupiter is the pitching mound. The Comets we think we see racing past our planet are actually baseballs thrown by Roy Halladay going over 600 kilometers per second and that’s just his change up. All other planetary beings from across the universe got together to talk about Roy Halladay and his fastball and came to the conclusion that he is not allowed to throw it because it is actually the force that causes black holes. Roy Halladay is the current and only owner of the Superchampionshipseriescup… That is the prize for being the best in the universe and it has been around for hundreds and hundreds of solar years.

353. Roy Halladay is 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure, 50% pain, and 100% reason to remember the name.

354. We didn’t start the fire… but Roy Halladay did.

355. Roy Halladay was my first pick in my Fantasy…….Football

356. Fire has been kicked out of the list of the four basic elements….It will be replaced with Roy Halladay.

357. Little known fact…..For years execution options for convicted death row inmates have included Hanging, Electricution, Injection….and Facing Roy Halladay. To date… none have chosen to face Roy Halladay.

358. Roy Halladay is so awesome he graced the cover of Sports Illustrated. No it’s true!

359. If Roy Halladay and Chase Utley were to become locked in an intense staring contest, there’d be no survivors… anywhere.

360. So, does this mean Cole Hamels facts will be replaced with Roy Halladay facts? Yes. Yes it does.

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