Roy Halladay Facts: Strikeouts 301-330

301. Roy Halladay needs only 3 minutes to save 15% or more on car insurance.

302. Roy Halladay could hold a win for Matt Cain.

303. Roy would of struck out Joe Carter.

304. Roy Halladay knows the secret to cold fusion, but the energy generated by him walking into Citizens Bank Park is much greater.

305. The song “Stop The Clocks” by German punk rockers, the Donots, is loosely based on Roy Halladay’s fastball. It goes so fast, the clocks stop.

306. Roy Halladay let the dogs out.

307. Roy Halladay strikes out more batters in every game than the amount of hot dogs Kobayashi can eat in one sitting.

308. Roy Halladay COULD pitch every game, but he’s so generous that he likes to share the spotlight with the rest of the starters. He could also pitch every inning but he doesn’t want to leave the relievers without a job.

309. The term “Weapon of Mass Destruction” now refers to Roy Halladay and a bag of baseballs.

310. Roy Halladay was the stunt double used to throw the ball from the bleachers to home plate during Rookie of the Year, going against the belief in computer animation.

311. Roy Halladay rhymes with Ace.

312. Roy Halladay is synonymous with Ace.

313. Roy’s control is fine tuned enough to throw a baseball through an exhaust pipe 34 miles away.

314. The world was originally supposed to end in 1999, but Roy Halladay didn’t want it to end that way.

315. On time when Roy was pitching for Toronto in the “non-Philadelphia Era”, he struck out A-Rod… with a beach ball.

316. Roy Halladay taught Donovan McNabb the deep ball and attempted to teach him accuracy as well, but sadly only one stuck to him.

317. Roy Halladay is on a boat.

318. Roy once had an awkward moment just to see what it would feel like.

319. Roy Halladay can speak Russian… in French.

320. Roy Halladay could trade both Dalembert AND Hartnell and get Lebron and Ovechkin in return.

321. By the time I am done type this and you done reading this, Roy Halladay will have already struckout 8 batters.

322. Roy Halladay dunked on Lebron… but Lebron stole the tape!

323.If sent back in time… Roy Halladay could kill John Connor with nothing more than a fastball.

324. Roy’s tears could cure all major diseases, its too bad he never cries.

325. Roy Halladay can ride the train with out a ticket.

326. Everything you wanted to do, everything you can’t do, and everything have done is Roy Halladay

327. Roy Halladay WANTS to take the Eagles to the first Super Bowl victory, but the Eagles like mediocrity and said “no thanks”.

328. The army slogan “Army Strong” was originally “Roy Halladay Strong” he had them change it because he wasn’t ready for that kind of attention.

329. Roy Halladay’s beard has more funk than Jefferson Airplane.

330. Roy tells hitters whats coming, and laughs when they strike out anyway.

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