Roy Halladay Facts: Strikeouts 261-300

261. The United States Army slogan, “Army of One” was originally written by about Roy Halladay, and how he is like an “Army of One.” You know why? It takes only ONE Roy Halladay to take the enemy out.

262. The Mets offered the Phillies Carlos Delgado, Carlos Beltran, Pedro Martinez, Billy Wagner and Mr. Met for Roy Halladay; the Phillies just laughed.

263. Roy is amazing at Manhunt, no one can find home base on him.

264. Roy Halladay throws the ball so fast that time stands still.

265. Roy Halladay frequents Havana, Cuba every off-season. Fidel & Raul Castro are deathly afraid of Roy, so they provide him with whatever he want. About 10 years ago, Roy came back with beautifully hand rolled Cuban cigars and decided to give one to former President Bill Clinton. And yes, Roy did instruct our former leader on how to use that cigar.

266. I never pitch using Roy Halladay in MLB10: The Show because I am afraid of Roy’s fastball coming through the TV and killing me instantly.

267. Nobody hates Roy Halladay. The fact is, fans of opposing teams actually like him so much that it translates into hate.

268. Unbeknownst to anyone, Roy Halladay actually made a guest appearance in the movie “Armageddon”. His fastball actually blew up the asteroid.

269. Roy doesn’t know the meaning of an intentional walk…unless he is the one batting.

270. Roy never loses a game of Rock Paper Scissors because he always throws the rock as a fastball which blows a hole the paper and obliterates the scissors.

271. Alex Rodriguez tested positive for fear of Roy Halladay.

272. Roy once struck somebody out with a 3-1 palmball.

273. Roy feels bad for the hitters against him so he gives them pitches they can hit, but he still finds them swinging and missing anyway.

274. Lightning doesn’t strike Roy Halladay. Roy Halladay strikes lightning out just like he strikes out everything that comes near to him.

275. The DH was created because of popular demand of hitters who wanted a safe haven in the AL away from Roy Halladay.

276. Roy Halladay is the president of the Illuminati, Skull and Bones, the Freemasons, and the National Honor Society… He will never be contested.

277. The spin on a Roy Halladay curveball creates an anti-gravitational field which repels opponent’s bats.

278. Roy Halladay’s sinker cured my torn ACL!

279. When Roy Halladay pitches, the Bloods and Crips sit down and share a beer talking about Roy’s dominance.

280. If you “pull a Roy” you have done something extraordinary.

281. Eli Manning never won that super bowl. Roy Halladay played QB dressed in a Eli Manning costume. Manning still sucks.

282. Hey Tony Romo! Roy Halladay never would of botched that hold!

283. Terrorists don’t hate our freedom, they hate Roy Halladay’s sinker.

284. Picture your life as Roy Halladay. Now picture reality. It’s not you; it’s him.

285. The ending of the final Harry Potter book? Roy Halladay strikes Harry out.

286. Whenever Roy plays Blackjack, he always gets 21.

287. Roy’s curveball cured my Carpal Tunnel in both wrists!

288. There are two hands that can beat a royal flush: Roy’s right hand and Roy’s left hand.

289. Roy Halladay will get us out of Iraq.

290. Roy Halladay will never have a three K game. He will always throw four or more to piss off the racists.

291. Roy can strike out the side on 8 pitches.

292. Roy’s curveballs have sent more people packing than all the travel agents in the world

293. Roy’s curveballs produce more buckles than all the belt makers in the world.

294. Roy Halladay is 100% 120% of the time.

295. doesn’t need the internet to survive, it’s the internet that needs Roy Halladay to survive.

296. If I had a dollar for every nasty changeup Roy throws I could bail Urbina out of jail to pitch the eighth inning.

297. If I had a dollar for every nasty changeup Roy throws I could buy the team, and still have enough money to sign Roger Clemens to pitch out of the bullpen.

298. Roy Halladay wins Connect 4 in 3 moves.

299. As a toddler, Roy Halladay didn’t throw tantrums, he threw ridiculous curveballs.

300. Revelations 6:8: And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Roy Halladay, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the palmball.

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