Roy Halladay Facts: Strikeouts 241-260

241. Roy actually CAN raise the roof…with his non pitching arm.

242. Roy Halladay is actually faster than Michael Bourn.

243. Vault’s main ingredient is Roy Halladay.

244. Roy has shot a round of 15 at Bethpage Black.

245. Roy’s right arm is illegal in 80 nations including every member of NATO. Except the United States of course.

246. Roy knows how to get those damn kids to keep off of his lawn… a fastball to the head.

247. Roy Halladay struck out Johnny Damon with his pick off move.

248. Once Roy turns 40, he will become a closer. He will enter the game in the middle of first.

249. Roy Halladay could single-handedly beat a doubles team of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in tennis.

250. Roy’s curveball could power a large city (like New York) for at least a week.

251. A man once changed his Pokerstars avatar to Roy Halladay. He has since won 3.7 million and hasn’t lost a championship since.

252. On Father’s Day, Roy Halladay receives around 25,000 cards from the Yankees and Red Sox organizations. Why? Because he is their daddy.

253. Roy Halladay can beat up both Kimbo Slice and Brock Lesnar at the same time, using only one arm and one leg.

254. Roy Halladay struck out nine straight batters with one pitch.

255. Roy Halladay is so good, even Al Sharpton cheers when Roy’s line reads KKK.

256. Orbit gum cleans dirty mouths; Roy Halladay cleans Orbit gum.

257. Everyone goes to Cleveland to witness LeBron James; LeBron James comes to Philly to witness Roy Halladay.

258. Devin Hester is the first player to get a 100 speed rating in Madden only because Roy Halladay is not in Madden. Roy always tops 100 anyway.

259. When asked about the “Shot Heard ’round The World”, history teachers simply state it was nothing more than a swinging strikeout from Alex Rodriguez against a Roy Halladay sinker.

260. It’s impossible to say Roy without Halladay

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