Roy Halladay Facts: Strikeouts 231-240

231. Roy Halladay was criticized for writing his K’s backwards in elementary. Now his former teachers worship him.

232. Umpires love Roy because all they have to do is sit back, have a beer, and call strikes and strikeouts.

232. Jack Nicholson was right when he said Tom Cruise couldn’t handle the truth. No one can handle Roy Halladay.

234. Roy’s position is misunderstood. He’s not only a starter, he’s also the finisher.

235. Save your hard earned money…. Roy Halladay defeats Voldemort!

236. Soccer will never be a major sport in America because Roy Halladay plays Baseball.

237. People ask why we were put on Earth. The answer is simple: to watch Roy Halladay.

238. Sonic the Hedgehog, The Flash, and Superman once challenged Roy Halladay to a race. When Sonic, Flash and Superman tried to cheat, realizing Roy was much more skilled and faster than them, Roy threw a fastball at all of their heads, killing them instantly. Nobody -including Johnny Damon, Jose Reyes, Ichiro, or Shane Victorino- has since dared to challenge Roy Halladay to a race.

239. Roy not only can believe it’s not butter, but can eat it without it going straight to his thighs.

240. Roy Halladay’s arm has a  Hemi.

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