Roy Halladay Facts: Strikeouts 211-220

211. Roy got tired during the 7th inning in a game against the Yankees. So he sent in his bobblehead from the bullpen to pitch the 8th. Bobble Roy proceeded to strikeout the side in the 8th.

212. Bobble Roy, from fact 211, pitched a complete game one hit shutout against the Red Sox later the next day.

213. Roy Halladay always throws no hitters: meaning no hitters ever want to face him.

214. Roy Halladay doesn’t just have two balls, he has three strikes.

215. Convicted killers won’t get the electric chair; they’ll get a Roy Halladay fastball to the head. Quick and painless.

216. Roy told the Westboro Baptist Church folks not to go to Temple University on April 1st 2010. But did they listen?

217. Roy Halladay completed a Triathlon in one stage.

218. Roy doesn’t walks batters… he sets up double plays.

219. Roy Halladay once gave up a home run on purpose, just so he could run out to the stands and catch it himself.

220. The difference in miles per hour between Roy Halladay’s fastball and changeup would still be the fastest pitch in baseball.

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