Roy Halladay Facts: Strikeouts 201-210

201. If Roy Halladay were on the Flyers this year, they’d not only win the Stanley Cup, but all 4 games would get a perfect Nielsen Rating.

202. If Roy was NHL commisioner, he would not have suspended Carcillo. Ever. Roy understands exactly what transgressed.

203. If Roy Halladay was the Flyers GM, the Flyer salary situation wouldn’t be fucked.

204 Roy, once shut out the New York Yankees, yet still not satisfied, suited up for the Flyers and shut out the New York Rangers on the same day.

205. Have you ever seen Roy Halladay ejected from game? NO. The umpires are too afraid to.

206. Roy Halladay once struck out 26 batters in a game. He would have struck out 27, but he was pitching behind his back.

207.Roy Halladay walked the length of Ikea in three minutes and twelve seconds. Once in the warehouse, he put everything together…without reading the directions and without an allen wrench.

208. Roy once threw a pitch so fast, it created a time warp and struck someone out in 1937.

209. When you see a Roy Halladay fastball, it has already traveled around the world four times.

210. Roy Halladay doesn’t fight dogs like Mike Vick; he fights bears. Roy Halladay is the undisputed and unbeaten champion

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