Roy Halladay Facts: Strikeouts 181-200

181. Roy Halladay can throw a pitch that even God can’t hit.

182. Roy Halladay once threw a curve ball so well that the batter’s children struck out.

183. Kanye West almost needed to pay Roy Halladay royalties to release that “Jesus Walks” song, but Roy let it go, because he doesn’t walk anyone so it couldn’t really be about him.

184. Compared to Roy Halladay, opposing pitchers are so crappy they give Pepto Bismol the runs.

185. When Roy gets takeout, he uses one chopstick. When he breaks open his fortune cookie, it reads: “You’re Roy Halladay. Lucky Numbers- You tell me.”

186. By law, Roy is forbidden to play on any work softball team.

187. Roy Halladay was Julia Robert’s body double in Pretty Woman. It was the scene where the hooker strikes out 27 consecutive batters during a wiffle ball contest and then beats up 11 rival hookers. The scene was cut from the final by the MPAA because it was too intense for the PG-13 audience.

188. Roy Halladay warned former President George W. Bush it wasn’t a good idea.

189. Roy’s curveball is so deadly it used considered a federal offense. Roy had to get himself elected to the Supreme Court in order to change the law.

190. Fun Fact about Rembrandt van Rijn, his paintings didn’t sell at all early in his career, why?……….. Roy only taught him how to paint the corners.

191. Pedro Martinez has been quoted as saying “Wake up the darn Bambino, maybe I’ll drill him in the booty.” Roy Halladay laighs at these silly and foolish hypotheticals.

192. Roy knows the evil that lurks in every man.

193. Roy Halladay logged on to one day and laughed so hard that New York broke away from the continental United States and sank into the sea. Roy was pissed because now it meant that he now needed to get wet in order to peg Alex Rodriguez in the head.

194. Roy’s heater is the primary cause of gas prices increasing drastically.

195. 36 countries have national defense strategies designed to protect themselves against Roy’s right arm. These plans are futile.

196. Roy Halladay only needs two seams to throw a four seam fastball.

197. To solve the number of immigrants crossing U.S. borders, the government will use Roy to “plunk” any illegal immigrants. Roy will monitor the borders from a distance and take out any illegals crossing the border. Government believes that after a few immigrants get hit, the crossing of the border will cease to exist in fears of the Roy Halladay fastball at their heads.

198. Roy could of convicted O.J.

199. Bruce Springsteen penned his hit song “Dead Man Walkin'” as an ode to a frustrated, doomed hitter on his way to the batter’s box to face Roy Halladay. The original lyrics read, “‘Neath a summer sky my eyes went black/Sister I won’t ask for forgiveness/An 0-for-3 with 3 Ks are all I have.”

200. Roy Halladay is awesome.

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