Roy Halladay Facts: Strikeouts 161-180

161. While reading this website, one’s intellectual capabilities are increased due to Roy Halladay’s extrahuman sense of knowing who is praising him. He makes sure that even though people are not paying attention in school or work to read this website, they still do well.

162. The United States economy is not in recession. It just stepped out of the batter’s box, rather than face another Roy Halladay sinker.

163. Roy Halladay can read Lady Gaga’s poker face.

164. Roy Halladay has always known that there are ties in the NFL.

165. The application of mental or physical torture in order to obtain information or confession from a prisoner is commonly referred to as the “third degree”. The only confirmed act that guarantees 100% success in securing information is showing the prisoner a life-size cutout of Roy Halladay holding a baseball, from 60’6″ away.

166. Roy Halladay has his own Periodic Table of Elements. This consists of 1F (fastball), 2Cv (curveball), 3Cg (changeup), 4Sk (sinker), and 5Fu (brushback). Exposure to 5Fu is guaranteed instant death.

167. Roy Halladay is the only person who is legally allowed to hunt any animal from a helicopter. He just throws fastballs at them, and occasionally at Sarah Palin to make sure she understands the “law”.

168. Joe the Plumber voted for Roy Halladay. He is the most brilliant plumber ever.

169. Roy Halladay’s blood type is “K”

170. Every time Roy Halladay throws a strike, a puppy is born.

171. Roy Halladay’s fastball can single handily stop illegal immigration, former President Bush was too afraid to ask though.

172. John Kruk didn’t use Nutrisystem to lose weight. He used a steady diet of Roy Halladay sinkers.

173. Roy is neither Arab nor Israeli. So stop fighting about it!

174. Roy Halladay spelled backwards is YadallaH Yor. Still, Roy Halladay is a palindrome.

175. Roy Halladay is so impressive that he would even impress himself, if he were capable of being impressed, which is just ridiculous.

176. Roy pitches with his eyes closed and left-handed, just to keep it fair.

177. What is never a problem but always the answer? Roy Halladay.

178. A little-known feature in MLB 10: The Show comes when you try to play a game as the Phillies with Roy Halladay. As soon as the game starts, an animation of the other team forfeiting happens, and a message saying “You win!” appears. A digital Bud Selig then appears and hands Roy the World Series trophy, even if it’s an exhibition game.

179. There is a Starting Pitcher, Relief Pitcher, Closer, and Roy Halladay.

180. Did you know that Roy Halladay is the only person able to make money in a bear market?

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