Roy Halladay Facts: Strikeouts 141-160

141. Roy Halladay’s chief export is K’s.

142. Roy Halladay’s chief imports are Wins and Cy Young Awards.

143. New Yorkers and Americans across the country were offended that Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke at Columbia because they were expecting Roy Halladay. President Ahmadinejad claimed there are no homosexuals in Iran, but then he saw a picture of Roy Halladay. He has now redacted this claim.

144. Roy Halladay has a calming effect on Milton Bradley.

145. Its not the RHF hasn’t been updated… Roy has started to read all the facts and it would be rude to make him catch up.

146. Three things effect the tides: Full moon, New moon, and a sinker from Roy Halladay.

147.  Roy knows his calculus: “You+Me=K”

148. Roy Halladay has a calming effect on Jose Offerman

149. Why do the Phillies lead the league in runs scored? They never have to face Roy Halladay!

150. A suicide squeeze is considered just that: suicide when facing down Halladay’s deadly fastball.

151. Roy Halladay won’t pitch a perfect game every time out because, like a cat, he prefers to play with the mice first.

152. Department of Homeland Security is just a fancy name for Roy’s sinker.

153. Roy Halladay cut his hair and donated it to “Locks of Love” so an 11-year-old cancer patient, Kelly, could feel normal. Upon receiving Roy’s hair, she instantly was cured of cancer, grew 9 inches, and can throw a change up that even Roy is impressed with.

154. Bungie (The creators of Halo) were thinking of new weapons to put into the game. They came up with the idea of basing a weapon off of Roy Halladay’s fastball. However, they decided to scrap the idea because no other weapon could compare to that speed and power.

155. Roy told Bon Jovi he can’t go home.

156. Roy Halladay will win the Time Man Of The Year Award in 2012 when he saves the world on Dec. 21 at 11:11 am, proving Darren Daulton wrong.

157. If Roy could play hockey, he could deke Sidney Crosby in a phone booth.

158. Roy’s so badass he doesn’t throw strikes–he just tells batters they’re out.

159. Roy Halladay got a hole in one on a par 5 and said, “This is too easy- I’m sticking with baseball.”

160. Roy eradicated the swine flu with a 3-2 fastball on the inside corner .

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