Roy Halladay Facts: Strikeouts 71-80

71. There will be a new statistic implemented in Major League Baseball this season. It will be known as a “HallaK.” A “HallaK” is like a strikeout, but better. A “HallaK” lowers the ERA of the pitcher by .20 each “HallaK” earned. Not only does it lower the ERA but it drops the opponents batting average by .020. Only Roy Halladay can earn a “HallaK”

72. If Roy Halladay stops suddenly, Kyle Kendrick will break his nose on the back of Roy’s head.

73. You need no luck, to not know hesitation while facing Roy Halladay.

74. Why are tigers strong? Because Roy Halladay said so!

75. Fastball, Curveball, Changeup. It doesn’t matter to Roy, you still ain’t hitting it!

76. Roy Halladay is like the sun, only brighter.

77. LOST was originally just a TV show based on major league hitters trying to figure out how to hit Roy Halladay

78. Roy Halladay is currently involved in a lawsuit against the makers of the MLB 2k10 video game for copyright infringment on his ridiculous curveball.

79. Roy Halladay can catch a ball with a visor.

80. While you were reading this… Roy struck you out.

BONUS FACT: Roy Halladay claims Zach Greinke on his taxes.

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