Roy Halladay Facts: Strikeouts 63-70

63. Roy foresaw the impending upsets in the 2010 NCAA Basketball Championship and adjusted his brackets accordingly.

64. Roy knows the world isn’t going to end in 2012.

65. Roy Halladay’s kids could strike you out. Looking.

66. Nobody dares mentions Roy Halladay’s full name. It is said if one does, the “7 Biblical Plagues” fall upon him.

67. Jim Croce sung about how you should beware of a  guy in the South Side of Chicago by the name of “Big Bad” Leroy Brown. Yeah, well I say you should beware of “Big Bad” Leroy Harold Halladay who lives in Citizen’s Bank Park in South Philadelphia.

68. So when the Day of Reckoning arrives, Roy will be ready. When the Four Housemen of the Apocalypse appear, Roy will be ready for them too and the Stage of the Apocalypse will be set. Roy will strikeout out each of the Four Horsemen in the same inning, even though there are only three outs.

69. Roy Halladay knows where that place down on Tenth Street is.

70. Sorry, Roy’s not Jesus either. Ask that bearded guy, Werth.

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