Roy Halladay Facts: Strikeouts 51-60

51. Roy Halladay was drafted 1st overall in my fantasy football league. His dog, Royce, went second.

52. Roy Halladay doesn’t give up earned runs. Runs must earn Roy Halladay

53. Sorry Barack, the only CHANGE we can believe in is Roy’s changeup.

54. Roy Halladay is like God, but Roy only has one commandment that the batters follow: “Thou shall not hit”

55. Left Handed, Right Handed, it does not matter to Roy which side of the plate you hit from, you’re still not hitting off of him.

56. The terms “Runs at a Premium” was coined because of the lack of runs opponents scored off of Roy.

57. Roy Halladay is the reason why hitters stopped trying to hit.

58.’s GameDay cannot properly calculate the trajectory of Roy Halladay’s curveball. Yes, it is a 2-8, but spans 3 giant clock lengths before crossing the plate.

59. Steinbrenner wanted to buy Roy for the Yankees. Roy threatened to buy the Yankees. Steinbrenner left him alone.

60. When Roy goes hunting he doesn’t use a gun. He uses baseballs.

**BONUS FACT: By converting to Halladay-ism, all the world’s religious problems would be solved.

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