Roy Halladay Facts: Strikeouts 41-50

41. Roy could throw left -handed and still strikeout 10 Mets batters

42. Roy’s two children once threw two perfect games. One the same day.

43. Roy Halladay wins Connect 4 in three moves.

44. After hearing that most of its employees where Mets, Red Sox, and Yankee Fans, Roy Halladay putLehman Bros. out of business.

45. The true reason behind K-Rod’s excessive celebrations? He is just thanking his lucky stars he does not have to hit Roy Halladay.

46. Brett Farve waffled on retirement because wasn’t he didn’t get to see enough of Roy Halladay.

46. The conflict between Georgia and Russia was actually caused by Georgia claiming it has a non-Philadelphia Era Roy Halladay rookie card. Putin didn’t take this news lightly and is trying to obtain this by force.

48. There’s no crying in baseball, unless Roy Halladay is pitching and you’re a Met or Yankee… or a Red Sox.

49. I invested in a 401k plan because I thought I was investing in Roy Halladay’s strikeout totals, and I would be rich.

50. Roy Halladay will single-handedly cause the Green Bay Packers to go 0-16, not because he doesn’t like the team, but because the Packers don’t want Favre to come back and to play for him. Roy will do this while pitching everyday for the Phillies, and will guide them to a sweep of all three rounds of the playoffs, including the World Series. Meanwhile, Favre will play football for the Eagles, and they will go 19-0.

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