Roy Halladay Facts: the First Ten

1. Roy Halladay is in fact a boss and a beast put together.
2. Fear itself fears Roy Halladay.
3. They call Roy “Doc” not because his last name sounds like the infamous gunslinger, but because he has a Ph.D in K’s.
4. Roy Halladay pitches right-handed, because it was too easy to pitch left-handed for him.

Roy Halladay propaganda
5. Roy is so good, he is making Kyle Kendrick better.
6. Roy once threw a curveball so well it struck out the batter’s future grandkids.
7. When Roy passes “Go”, he collects $600 dollars.
8. Roy is a descendant of infamous gunslinger, Doc Holliday. But instead of a six-shot revolver, Roy uses a 95 mile an hour fastball.
9. We can’t divide by zero, but Roy Halladay can!
10. Roy Halladay is the only true ace- it proves that unassisted manned flight is possible

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